BeatDiscovery 1.0


The first drum sequencer that embraces randomization

its unique workflow lets you discover new beats & loop mashups in record time
available as VST or AU plugin, for MacOS and Windows
designed by Ruckazoid / powered by mucoder

If you make beats, then you’ve probably sifted through hundreds of sounds, loading them individually, only to program the same pattern you’ve made a thousand times. It’s extremely tedious, and can take the fun out of making a beat. Beat Discovery is the first drum sequencer of its kind, and was designed to solve this problem. It makes programming sounds fun, creative, and super easy. It’s easy for beginners & made for and by professionals.


BeatDiscovery Presents: The Findings Vol. 1

  • by Ruckazoid & Teeko. Finding 15 brand new beats in 20 minutes. This is the resulting mix tape.

  • Watch how they did it:

BeatDiscovery Presents: The Findings Vol. 2

  • by Ruckazoid & Teeko. Finding more beats in record time.

BeatDiscovery Feature Walkthrough

  • by Ruckazoid.

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