hypercyclic 1.1 midi arpeggiator / mangler


what is hypercyclic?

  • hypercyclic is an LFO-driven MIDI arpeggiator, gate effect and step sequencer for mangling sustained MIDI input chords, the output of which can then drive other MIDI instruments
  • it won 2nd place in the KVRAudio.com Developer Challenge '07
  • the sweetspot for hypercyclic is the narrow border between chaos and regularity. Or, in other words, how to induce a certain pleasant randomness and syncopation, yet forcing everything to align again on the bar or beat boundaries


what can you do with it?

  • The main use for hypercyclic is to generate midi that can be recorded and/or sent to other plugins. However it also features a simple built-in synth for testing purposes
  • you can use two tempo-synced LFOs to modulate various parameters for creating interesting rhythmic effects and chord variations.
  • a unique feature is the possiblity to modulate the sequencer step size itself, which is useful for creating glitchy stuttering effects.
  • another thing you can use is a groove function for playing slightly off the beat. The groove parameters can also be modulated over time by the LFOs, adding to the rhythmic variation.

support & resources

what does it cost?

  • hypercyclic 1.1 is free (as in beer)
  • if you find it useful and want to sponsor further development, feel free to buy the author a beer in return ;-)

  • or help sponsor hypercyclic development by buying a book, CD or anything else of your choice from Amazon via the link below


  • hypercyclic factory presets 1-17 demo
    Demo tour of first 17 factory presets. Lead does walkthrough of presets. No variation in bass/drum.

  • hypercyclic slow presets demo
    Some of the new, slower v1.0.172 presets. Lead uses calm arps, bass alternates rhythm arcs & fast gates

  • hypercyclic glitchy demo
    Slow chord arp routed through an (external) grainer/delay chain

  • hypercyclic sequencer demo
    Not-so-subtle sequencer demo