tonespace v2.9


chord generator and visualizer

available as VST, AU or standalone app
for windows, mac and linux
now with MacOS BigSur and Monterey support

what is tonespace?

  • a chord generator and visualizer
  • displays chords and scales on a grid, making it easy to understand their structure
  • displays chords on a piano keyboard, making it easy to play them
  • supports 39 chord types, 25 chord voicings/inversions, 21 scales, 18 keys, and 50 different grids
  • accepts easy, single-note MIDI input for triggering or viewing chords
  • can output chords over MIDI to your favorite synth
  • acts either as a VST or Audio Unit plugin for your DAW, or as a standalone application

how do I use it?

  • audition and play chords while you move the mouse around in a grid-like space - or use a traditional MIDI keyboard instead
  • learn how musical scales and keys work, and how chords relate to these, using the simple octave-based spaces
  • discover how chords map onto surprisingly simple geometric shapes in the more advanced spaces
  • use chord-generation algorithms to fit chords to scales and keys automatically
  • trigger chords from monophonic midi input and record the played chords using midi output

it’s free

  • tonespace is free (as in beer)
  • if you like it, and want to help, share it with your friends, and rate it at KVRAudio


Windows v2.9 (64-bit)
MacOS v2.9 (64-bit)
Linux v2.9 (64-bit)

support & resources


demo: automatic chord fitting and manual chord voicing

by mucoder

Demo of automatic chord fitting for a I-IV-V progression, while applying manual chord voicing variations. At each pulse, the chord fitting algorithm picks random chords from candidate triad chords that fit at the scale degree. Chord voicings are varied to progressively higher inversions/openness manually.

tutorial: using tonespace with Smart Instruments in Logic Pro.

by Adam from @imamusicmogul

Excellent tutorial on how how to use the tonespace AU plugin as a chord generator in Logic Pro. This will show you how to set up midi routing between tonespace and Logic using the Apple IAC bus.

tutorial: connecting other instruments to tonespace in Ableton Live.

by UncleAge

Great tutorial on how to trigger tonespace midi input from µTonic drum patterns, then send tonespace midi output to Zebra, ACE & Blue, all within Ableton Live and using the tonespace VST plugin.

watch video